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Native - Suver Haze CBD Hemp Flower (3.5g) Add-On


Product Description

Add-On to your next SensiBox - Not Sold Separately. Known for it’s relaxing and calming properties, Suver Haze is the perfect CBD flower after a long day. Appearance: With colorful dense buds that have amazing phenotypes, Suver Haze has a beautiful green-purple color Nose: Suver Haze has a powerful aroma lead by citrus tones with spicy, diesel, and black pepper undertones. Taste: This CBD rich smokeable hemp flower has a peppery citrus taste with a strong cannabis flavor on the exhale. Effects: Suver Haze is a strong, natural adaptogen that supports the body’s natural ability to manage stress. This perfect before bed flower allows you to let go of the stress from your day and relax into your evening with calmness and tranquility. History: Grown in the Illinois River Valley of Oregon, our organic Suver Haze was given the care and attention required for top shelf hemp flower. 18.043% Total CBD

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