Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SensiBox?

SensiBox is the Ultimate Smokers’ Lifestyle Subscription Box hand-curated for HER and HIM.

How does it work?

Choose either the SensiBox Original or the SensiLight and each month you'll get an awesome, hand-curated, smoker's essentials box delivered to your mailbox.

How are the boxes priced?

We offer the SensiLight for $20 per month or the SensiBox Original for $35 per month. Free Shipping throughout the US.

When do I get my SensiBox?

The cut-off date for each month's SensiBox is on the 9th of each month. Your first SensiBox will ship between the 10-12th of the following month - if the 12th lands on a Sunday or on a holiday, the shipping dates will be pushed out to the 10-13th of the month. Your recurring payment will occur on the 20th of each month. If you cancel after your subscription has renewed, you have 3 days after the renewal to request a refund by emailing

Are you ready to subscribe to SensiBox?

Each month you'll be blown away by the variety and quality of the unique and cool offerings from SensiBox. You not only get your essentials such as paper, lighters, and pipes, gear, and so much more!