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The Ultimate SensiBox


Product Description

The Ultimate SensiBox is filled with 15 items ($200+ Value), including 3 pieces of glass, a green 4.5" hand-blown bubble hand pipe, a gray 6" bubbler/bong and a 3.5" hand-blown chillum. Also, included is the Erbanna Kimberly day-to-night odor resistant purse; • Freshly Baked Silicone Ashtray • Chakra Bead Bracelet • Mango Canna Wraps • Smoking Brand Brown Rolling Papers • Smoking Brand Laynard • Custom SensiSocks • Take It Easy Nug Tin • Freshly Baked Hat Pin • In the Trees Padded Pipe Pouch • Bee Line Thick Hemp Wich •Jolt Eye Drops •Clipper Mandela Lighter

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