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Solopipe Gunmetal


Product Description

Solopipe is the original self-igniting pipe that makes smoking easier than ever before. Whether you are on the run or lounging at home, Solopipe conveniently transforms smoking into a one-handed activity with the click of a button. Solopipe is designed to be utilized with a single hand to make smoking accessible to those inconvenienced by the need for two hands to smoke. With a sleek, metal finish in Gunmetal and a built-in refillable, adjustable butane lighter, Solopipe is a stylish and practical way to smoke solo and with friends. Solopipe provides peace of mind knowing that everything you need to smoke is encompassed in a single item. Gone are the days of digging between couch cushions looking for a lighter and juggling multiple items to smoke on the go. Solopipe — it’s all you need. Each Solopipe comes with hard protective case, pouch, replacement screens and cleaning tools. Solopipes DO NOT ship filled with Butane, so we recommend making sure you have some triple-refined Butane so you can enjoy your Solopipe right after you receive your order.

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